The Beauty of Art

Scissor, lighter and paracord strings;PC: Fatou Ndure
Two equally cut paracord strings; PC: Fatou Ndure
Making a bracelet;PC: Fatou Ndure
Bracelet in the making half way through; PC: Fatou Ndure
Bracelet almost done; PC: Fatou Ndure
Finished bracelet; PC: Fatou Ndure


Photo Credit: Google

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is a leadership training that takes place annually in Ghana, and it brings together nine west African countries including the Gambia. In the cohort 15 training held in 2020, one of the participants from the Gambia was allegedly raped by another participant from Sierra Leon.

The victim said being raped is one of the most painful things she has gone through. The guy that raped me looked like a really nice person, so when he asked to use her bathroom because he’s was not working, she did not think twice before she said yes. She also said that on that night, she took pain medication called Tramadol which makes one sleep longer hours as well. After the alleged perpetrator finished using her bathroom around 11 pm, he stayed and tried chatting with her. she said she was feeling drowsy from the medicine but was too shy to tell him to leave and ended up felling asleep. she woke up to a sharp pain and realized that he raped her.

According to Unstats.un.org, approximately 30% of women worldwide have experienced sexual harassment in their life time. in most countries with data available on rape Gambia included, 40% of women who experience sexual violence seek help. less than 10% seek assistance from law enforcement and this is why there is need to speak up.

For more information about rape, check the video below


Makasutu Culture Forest;
Photo Credit: Fatou Ndure
Elitesha Jallow;
Photo Credit: Fatou Ndure
Fatou Jeng on a boat trip;
Photo Credit: Fatou Ndure

Gambia is such a beautiful country with very adorable people, most especially its women. When you get a chance, take an adventurous trip to amazing places in The Gambia and you will be sure to enjoy every moment of it.


Isatu M. Bokum is a young activist and advocate for women and girls, who works tirelessly to support and give them the voices they never had. Ms. Bokum founded an organization about 2 years ago called The Girls Talk Organization to be able to reach and impact more women and girls.

On Sunday the 12thof January 2020, girls talk organization organized the second edition of the all-girls work day at the elite fitness gym in Senegambia. This year’s theme was “Empowering the female generation to enhance physical health and personal hygiene”.

The activity started with a seminar on personal hygiene which was facilitated by Margret Forster, a fitness and personal trainer at the elite fitness gym. “We must lift ourselves before we lift weights” said Madam Forster. She gave some health tips and encouraged the girls to eat more organic food to stay healthy, and how to clean the private areas using organic products.

Mam Lena Nyan, organizer of Fashion Weekend Gambia was also invited and she mostly talked about how women in entrepreneurship should support each other and be each other’s keeper rather than fight or bring down one another. This session was closed by a question and answer session.

Awa Bling a “Rap’tivist” performed two songs speaking against violence against women and encouraged girls to speak up against violence. Three T-shirts were won by participants in a competition during the aerobic workout session.

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